Divorce & Separation Seminars

Topic: Family Law February 26, 2021 by Jim Jeffcott

The Family Law Group at LMR Lawyers is proud to partner with Divorce Straight Talk to present seminars to the public about divorce and separation.

The seminars will be presented by Zoom and are free to attend.  It is necessary to register for the sessions, however.

The next sessions are scheduled on:

March 22 at 7 PM

April 20 at 12 PM (noon)

They are scheduled for two hours.

The seminar will feature a Financial Professional, a Family Professional, a Mortgage Specialist and a Family Law Lawyer.  Each of the panelists will provide general information about divorce and separation from their own professional perspective.  Several of the panelists are also trained mediators and Collaborative Professionals.  There will be a presentation from each of the specialists and there will be an opportunity to ask questions of the panelists.

The seminar is open to anyone.  However, the panelists are all trained and licensed in the Province of Ontario and they all work in the Ottawa area.

If you reside in Ontario and are thinking about separation or divorce, or if you are already separated from your spouse, or if you know someone that is or may be separated or divorced, this seminar is for you.  You will learn about what financial issues may come up and what your options may be and what financial information you will need to have or to get to resolve the matter.  You will hear about the family dynamics and about the effect of separation and divorce on children and how their interests are looked after.  We will also talk about family violence and resources that are available.  You will hear about considerations regarding the sale of or the financing of the home and some benefits that are available to separating spouses that are not available in other circumstances.   You will also hear about the legal issues which may arise as a result of a separation or divorce, including division of property and debts, financial support for the spouses and the children and parenting and time-sharing for children, the process options for resolution of the matter and the tax considerations.

If you are a professional who is working with clients who are divorcing, or separating, or are a referral source to divorce or separation professionals, this could also be of use to you.

Please share the links and give any of the panelists a call if you would like more information.  We look forward to welcoming many of you to our presentation.

See our website at https://www.dstottawa.ca/

Or our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/divorcestraighttalk